DIY Faux Floral Crown

For the bridal shower this weekend, I decided that the bride-to-be should definitely have a floral crown, because what is more dainty and princess-like than a crown made of flowers?!

Since I’m not completely sure what the bride will be wearing to shower, I figured an understated crown would be better than a gargantuan statement piece.

Luckily I found everything on sale this week. I love when that happens.

For this project, I used:

To make a sturdy crown base that had enough bulk to later add flowers to, I cut two 3-foot pieces of grapevine wire and twisted one piece around the other, every two inches, to create a super loose “braid.”

Once I had a braid that was long enough to create the crown I wanted, I trimmed the excess wire and used floral tape on both ends of the braid to secure the two pieces of wire together.

To prep the flowers, I snipped the buds and leaves off the main stalk, making sure to leave a little bit of stem on each one. 

Then I hot glued the flower in place on the wire crown. I made sure to only glue wherever there was a twist in the wire crown, since that area was bulkier and was more able to support the flowers I was adding.

And that’s it!

I’m so happy with how this crown turned out and I really think it all had to do with choosing the right silk flowers to work with. I didn’t want the crown to be overwhelming so I stuck with smaller flowers and the almost succulent-like greenery really filled out the piece without being gaudy.

Once Belle wakes up from her nap, I’m going to measure her so I can make a teensy tiny crown for her little head.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but check the ads at Michaels or Hobby Lobby because I happened to need was 50% off. 


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