Easy Branded Shop Packaging

I’m sending out items from my shop this week (eek!!) and J.D. really wants me to go all out and get business cards, custom branding materials and special packing supplies for the shop, even though I’m 100% untested and unproven. 

I honestly can’t invest myself to that level yet because I’m really scared of failing at that level. 

So, I’ve had to do a couple of things the hard, time-consuming way, but I love that every step of my process has been earnestly handmade and intentionally designed. 

I’ve already thought ahead and branded each hoop going out with the simple custom labels I made a few months ago. 

But, the label is small and doesn’t carry all the information that I’d like to be dispersed. So, the next thing that will help legitimize my shop is some custom packaging. 

My previous hoops that went out were packed in plain, white glassine bags. As I started considering the logistics of listing, selling, packaging and sending out things for the shop, I realized that I could be adding a design to these plain bags to spread the word about this blog and the different social media accounts that I use. 

For this project, I used; 

I measured the glassine bags that I had on hand and made a template in Microsoft Word for my bag. I made a rectangle that represented the outside edge of the bag and then went ahead and added the words and images that I wanted to appear on my packaging. 

Once everything was how I wanted it, I printed the design out on cardstock. 

I had to go back a couple of times to make design adjustments, but once it was perfect I taped a glassine bag onto the cardstock with some washi tape and ran the bag through the printer. 

I made sure to delete the outline of the rectangle when finally printing on the glassine bags because it didn’t want that to accidentally print on my packaging. 

You have to be patient when printing because trying to print big batches cases thebunk to smear super bad. It takes a little bit of time to do the job properly but it’s a perfect job to do after the babies go to sleep and you’re up binge watching Netflix. 

I think this system will work pretty well for me at the moment and I love that I can easily adjust my packaging design whenever I need something a little different. 

Eek! The packaging makes my tiny shop seem so much more legit. 


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