Bean Says: Tom Cavanagh

Me: Hey, Tom Cavanagh just posted on Instagram.
Bean: Who is Tom Con-tab-in-aw?
J.D.: It’s Harrison Wells…
Me: Look, he’s wearing a basketball shirt today. Isn’t he cute?
Bean: *squinting* Uhhh… not really.
Me: Yes, he is.
Bean: Why his big name is Harrison Wells but his little name is Tom Con-tab-in-aw?
Me: His real name is Tom Cavanagh.
Bean: No, he is Harrison Wells!
J.D.: No, he’s Tom Cavanaugh and he pretends he is Harrison Wells, like you pretend you’re the Flash but you’re really Bean.
Bean: *super mad* No! I am Barry Allen!
J.D.: No, you’re real name is Bean.
Bean: *sigh* Fine… my real name is Power Ranger.

Featured Image: Photo credit to Maarten de Boer for Getty Images


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