Our Secret LEGO Stash

J.D. has been on a business trip this entire week so the kids and I are basically living like hermits because I try to avoid being alone in public with two tiny dictators.

Usually after dinner J.D. takes us out for a little jaunt around town just to get out of the house but since he’s not here to help wrangle the kids, I broke out some LEGO sets that Bean and I hadn’t had a chance to work on.

I sent J.D. a picture of the sets we finished last night and he responded…

I tried to remind him when we bought these specific sets but as I was recreating the memory for him, I realized that we have at least three sets that he doesn’t remember and that we haven’t opened yet because they’re being saved for a special occasion.

I guess that special occasion is that I’m parenting alone this week and the new sets are going to buy me some time to take a shower without an audience.


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