Naked Eyeballs, Empty Mind. 

After a long time thinking about opening an online shop and researching my options and figuring out if I could manage to suppress the constant self-doubt that I have about putting myself out there, I did it!

I hurried and launched the shop before everything was ready a few weeks ago because I knew that if I wanted for everything to be perfect, I would never actually do it.

Also, Bean helped me make some buttons a few weeks ago and I wanted to donate the proceeds to the buttons to the ACLU and I knew they needed the money sooner, rather than later.

Bean was so happy that he had sales and we made our first donation to the ACLU and we are looking forward to donating again!

I’ve been slowly working on taking photographs of my hoops that I actually like, to replace the placeholders that I initially put up. And every step is a learning experience. I never realized how hard it is to take decent pictures of stuff and how hard it is to set up interesting backdrops.

I’ve been working this Flying Burgers photo set up for almost a week trying to get a good shot. It took me so long to actually get something I liked because I only work when [1] Belle is napping and Bean is happily eating a snack, [2] the natural lighting is good, which it hasn’t been because of all the rain and tornado watches we’ve had his week, and [3] I haven’t had enough practice to know how to execute the vision I have in my head. So, it takes a lot of time for me.

The Good Burger hoop only took a day because Belle and Bean both blessed me with a super long nap and I lucked out and it was a super sunny day.

This Alt Facts hoop picture took three days because I kept missing the best light of the day and I’m still not super happy with the lighting but at some point you just have to be willing to move on…

Every night when I get in bed with the kids, my mind starts making a list of everything I feel like I need to do.

  • Make new patterns,
  • Sew up new patterns,
  • Photograph backlog of hoops,
  • Post photos on Instagram,
  • Check color selection on old patterns,
  • Make patterns available in the shop,
  • Work on pending wedding quilt,
  • Make a decision on Bean’s birthday invitations,
  • Figure out the digital files for Bean’s banners,
  • Write new blog posts,
  • Take new blog photos,
  • Organize new office and craft space,
  • Clean the house,
  • And so on…

But two weeks ago, while Jordan was off on a week long work trip, the universe helped me figure out how to juggle everything in the form of an eye infection. Haha. Gross, right?

I have a super terrible habit of sleeping in my contacts and not taking them out an unacceptable amount of time. When my eye starts bothering me, I’ll take my contacts out. I find that I end up sleeping super well but for some reason, that’s still not enough to encourage me to take my contacts out every night — because I am an idiot.

Anyway, the weekend before he left, I woke up and my eye left eye was bothering me and it got progressively worse throughout the day to the point where it was constantly watering and super sensitive to any light at all and all of this was accompanied by excruciating pressure behind that eye.

It was so bad that J.D. insisted on taking me to an urgent care clinic to have my eye checked out before he had to leave on his trip. So, we went and the doctor checked for corneal scratches and tears in my retina, but there was nothing except slight inflammation, so he sent me home with some antibiotic drops and stern instructions to not wear my contacts for a week.

Since I’m completely blind and haven’t gotten glasses with the correct prescription in about 8 years, I struggled through the week and went to bed early, with the kids, every night.


A serious full night’s sleep, the entire week. Because I didn’t have my contacts in, my brain allowed me to stop thinking! Since I could get up and work on a project every time something popped into my brain, all the lists just stopped and I could fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. And every morning I woke up ready to tackle everything.


I mean, I’ve been sleeping in my contacts ever since I started college and I was super anxious about being away from home and I felt better knowing that I could see at night, in case of an emergency…

But no more. Contacts are being removed every night and my brain is getting some much needed rest.

Featured Image: Image credit to topform84 via Getty Images


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