Bean Says: On A Roll

While using the urinal next to another guy… 

Urinal Guy: *hawks a loogie*
Bean: Why that man make that sound?
J.D.: Bean, finish up.
Bean: He make that sound because he’s a piggy? Or…. he an alien??

While eating chicken nuggets…

J.D.: How are those chicken nuggets, Bean?
Bean: They good! I love chicken nuggets because I love chickens. They my favorite animal and I want to eat all of them!

While walking around the mall with Anastasia…

Bean: Anastasia, can you hold my hand?
Me: Bean, no. Your hands are clammy.
Bean: What’s clammy?
Me: Clammy means sticky.
Bean: Anastasia, you can hold this other hand. It’s not sweaty… It’s just sticky.

After begging to try some food off of Anastasia’s plate… 

“Mmm. I sure do love beans!”

Featured Image: Image credit to Comedy Cellar


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