Ninja Turtle Nunchucks

Guys, I am so behind on preparing for Bean’s 4th birthday party.

Ahhh!! Now that I’m typing that sentence out, I’m freaking out that he’s almost FOUR!!!

This year, he asked for a Ninja Turtles party and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten anything done yet!!

Well, I got some themed plates and cups the last time we went to Target…

Thank goodness this stuff was in stock because they put on clearance and was in the process of clearing everything out.

I try to send out invitations a month in advance because I know everyone has busy schedules and I like to give people ample planning time so they can attend, but this year I was super late! The party is in less than two weeks and I just sent the invites out yesterday.

And they were store-bought.

Here’s the story about those…

I struggled with these invitations for days before sending them out because up until this birthday, I made invitations for all the parties and I had a really cute design planned in my head that just didn’t have time to execute.

It seriously feels like a mom-fail to me.

But, Bean saw these invitations and the matching plates and cups in the store and he had to have them. He was so excited that I couldn’t say no.

To make myself feel better about the whole thing, I had Bean help me write out the invitations. While he carefully wrote his name, I filled in all the details… It was a nice late night project for the two of us.

Anyway, now that the invitations are out, I can focus on other party projects.

The first thing I’m working on are some Ninja Turtle nunchucks that each kiddo is going to be able to take home.

For this project, I used:

I was going to set up a little station where the kids could make the nunchucks themselves but after thinking about the logistics of it, I realized that most of the kids would probably be too little to do it themselves. So, I decided to have the nunchucks ready for them and I would leave out some colored duct tape and stickers for them to personalize their nunchucks.

The first thing I did was drill a hole in each PVC plug with a 7/32″ drill bit.

Then, I cut a 5″ length of paracord and tied a knot in one end, threaded it through the underside of one PVC plug and into the top of another plug. Then I tied another knot on the other side of the paracord to secure it.

For each “stick,” I used a serrated knife to cut 10″ pieces of insulation pipe wrap.

To assemble the nunchucks, I pushed the PVC plugs into the openings in the insulation pipe wrap and secured it using the self-stick strip.

And that’s it! They’re super sturdy and look way better than the dinky, disproportionate ones that they had at Target for $2. They did cost a little bit more but I think they’re worth it!

Edited: Before I finished making all the sets of nunchucks for the guests, we came across these red and green nunchucks at Dollar Tree. 

Image Source: Dollar Tree

They are super well made and they’re the right size and nice weight! The only negative is that they don’t come in black. Each one is $1 (duh) and they were just a better value so I stopped making the DIY nunchucks and went with these for Bean’s Ninja Turtle party. 


These store bought nunchucks have a plastic core. They are light weight but they do hurt a little bit if a certain soon-to-be four year-old swings at you with all his might. The DIY ones are the ones that Bean will be playing with on a regular basis because no matter how hard he swings, it’s doesn’t hurt at all.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items that I used for this project. Most of the stuff will be way cheaper at your local hardware store. 



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