PVC Washi Tape Organizer 

Y’all, I have a tiny problem with hoarding washi tape.

I started with having my entire collection fit within a little plastic desk drawer organizer. Then I moved it to a larger drawer organizer, and then I decided to dedicate an entire drawer to washi tape and decorative post it tabs.

Well, now everything’s a mess because I’m not super good at putting things back when I’m working on a bunch of different things…

Image Source: The Washi Blog

There are a bunch of different organizatizonal ideas but I wanted something a little less decorative and more utilitarian.

I love clean cut washi tape so I didn’t like any of the ideas that required a hacksaw blade or a recycled tin foil box or disposable tape dispenser. I also didn’t want to dig around or dump out a whole drawer to find a specific rolls. And I definitely didn’t want to dedicate wall space to my washi tape collection.

I wanted my organization to be simple, easily accessible and easily moved from workspace to workspace, since J.D. now has primary use of the craft room during the day.

After a little bit of brainstorming, I came up with a PVC washi tape organizer.

For this project, I used:

If you’ve never used PVC cutters before, watch this video before starting.

You will need cut eight 1 1/2″ pieces, two 4″ pieces, two 8″ pieces, and five 12″ pieces of PVC.

Connect pieces as pictured.

Just add your washi tape collection and you’re done!

I love that it fits perfectly on the shelf in my craft room when I don’t need it, but that I can also quickly relocate it to wherever I’m working.

Also, can you spot all the duplicate rolls I have? I got most of them from Mopapo on Etsy. Whenever I order new roll from Jennifer’s shop, I get at least two just in case it arrives and I’m completely in love with it… I’m super fearful that my favorites will be discontinued or that I won’t be able to get my hands on any more once I run out. Also, Bean tends to sneak my favorite rolls to his desk and then I never see it again. It’s just a good idea to have extras. Haha.

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon and Etsy affiliate links to the items used in this project. I linked some Formufit PVC materials that are “furniture grade” and comes in different colors, but I just used the cheap stuff that’s available at your local hardware store. 


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