Ninja Turtle Birthday Banner 

I’ve been procrastinating this project for weeks because I haven’t had any crafting mojo recently. But Bean’s birthday party is coming up this weekend so, it’s now or never.

For this project, I used:

I found a Ninja Turtle font and printed the outline of each letter on green cardstock, so I could cut them out with a craft knife.

To make each letter stand out, I backed each one with black cardstock and trimmed off the excess.

Here’s we’re the optional steps start. If you want to make an actual banner, leave a little tab on each side of each letter.

This is where you’ll punch holes for the mini brads to join each letter together.

It was a little bit of work but I was able to do all the cutting while Bean played with LEGOs and Belle alternated between playing with her brother and breastfeeding. I’ve become an expert at simultaneously working and feeding the baby.

To add a little more to the banner, I found a coloring page and used it as a template for each Ninja Turtle face.

Image Source:

I started with Donatello and printed the outline on green, purple and white cardstock.

I cut out the pieces I needed to reassemble the face on black cardstock.

For the other Ninja Turtles, I just had to adjust the mask color.

That’s it! I’m still working on assembling all the letters and faces but I think I might tape each individual letter to the wall with painters tape, instead of making a jointed banner. It’ll be quicker if I just slap each letter on the wall with some painters tape.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for things I used for this project. Luckily for J.D., I had everything I needed in my craft room and he didn’t have to run out in the storm to pick up anything. 

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