Bean’s Ninja Turtles Party

Bean asked for a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles party as soon as his 3rd birthday party was over and of course J.D. was super excited about the theme because his 4th birthday party in 1992 was a Ninja Turtles party. 

So for a year, Bean’s been telling me about the awesome Ninja Turtles party he’s going to have… 

I usually start planning out rough ideas for the babies’ parties about two months before their birthday. But this year, time really got away from me and I didn’t start planning until about three weeks before, and I had a bunch of side projects that needed to be finished right before Bean’s birthday so things were hectic. 

The Decorations

Since I ended up going with store-bought invitations for the first time this year, my biggest party projects was the birthday banner. I added a strand of pizza bunting from Target and it pulled everything together. 

The main backdrop for our party’s sewer lair was made out of two faux brick wall panels that we found at Home Depot and some “sewer” pipes that I made out of PVC pipes, 90° PVC elbows and tee connectors

After randomly assembling pipes so they’d spread across the dessert bar area, I painted the pipes with three coats of gray spray paint and then embellished the pipes with some neon green puffy paint so it would look like  oozing “toxic ooze” at each connection point. 

To complete the area, we hung up some Ninja Turtle paper lanterns that we found on clearance at Target and a whole bunch of crêpe paper streamers to make the “ninja training” area look like a lair.

And, I added up some blow up ninja dolls that we found at a local party store. 

That’s it! Honestly I didn’t have as much prep as I usually do and I totally credit that to Bean picking a really easy theme! 

The Food

The food was super easy this year because all we had to do was order some pizza! We decided to go with six different pizzas and some junk food sides. 

We did the basic soda, sweet tea and water for drinks but I also found these cute little jugs of juice that happened to match the Ninja Turtles colors so I had to get them for the kids. 

The dessert buffet had a key lime pie from House of Pies in Houston, as per tradition, and a super simple grocery store cake that I decorated with a retro Ninja Turtles cake topper and some sugar letters

I found some gummy pizzas that were crazy cute but had a weird combination of fruity flavors that wasn’t all the pleasing to my adult palette, but Bean and the kids scarfed them down like there was no tomorrow. 

We added some green Jell-O to our usual dessert rotation represent the “toxic ooze” that mutated Master Splinter and  the Ninja Turtles and added some Oreo “sewer lids.” 

And, I threw together some chocolate nunchakus by combining some Swiss Rolls and Twizzlers

I think if I had to do the nunchakus over, I would use Pull ‘n’ Peel Twizzlers instead of the Twists because the thicker candy was hard to manipulate without damaging the soft cakes. 

The Games

I planned a couple of games and activities for the kids after we stuffed them full of pizza and candy. 

The first thing I put together was a group slime making activity. I had all the kids sit with me and help mix the ingredients. When the green slime was ready, each kid got a little cup to take home. 

Since all the kids touched the “toxic” ooze, they all got turned into Ninja Turtles and they got their own Ninja Turtle masks

Once each kid was cleaned up from the slime and got their mask on, they went to get tatted up at the temporary tattoo station. 

I found a bunch of different Ninja Turtle temporary tattoos and ninja-themed temporary tattoos and attached them to a felt board so the kids could see all the designs and decide which ones they wanted. I left a little spray bottle of water and some paper towels so they could easily apply their tattoos. 

Then, the kids each had a turn “training” to be a Ninja Turtle with a “ninja throwing star” game. I made a target for the kids with some recycled metal cans and each kid had a chance to throw five rubber shuriken, or ninja stars, to knock the cans down. 

Once they were done with their turn, they earned their nunchucks and were fully geared for a big battle with Shredder’s Foot Clan soldiers. 

We released a bunch of black balloons and told the kids to “fight” them. 

They went nuts. But it was so fun watching all the kids and their different “fighting” style. It was hilarious. 

Belle fell asleep immediately after everyone left and J.D. and I managed to clean up everything and find a place for all Bean’s new toys in less than two hours. That’s a serious success. Haha. 

Now, it’s time for me to take a nap and then start on our taxes… Back to adulthood. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for items used for this event. 


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