DIY Slime Recipe

I used this activity when I was teaching Chemistry as a fun little lab during the Matter unit. When done properly in a “lab” setting, it’s perfect for practicing safe lab practices, precise measurement skills, identifying the differences between pure substances and mixtures, as well as discussing Non-Newtonian substances. 

At home, with little kids, it’s just super fun. 

For this project, I used:

The general ratio for slime is 1:1:1 for the glue, starch and water. 

The first step is to combine the clear glue and water. Mix well. 

Then add the food coloring and glitter and mix throughly. 

When the color and glitter content is to your liking, add the liquid starch and mix. 

Once you add the starch, the slime mixture is going to quickly form, so it might be necessary to mix with your hands — baby hands are perfect for this part. 

Depending on how accurately you measured your liquids and how much food coloring you added, you may need to add more liquid starch if the mixture is too wet. 

After all the liquid is incorporated, it’s ready to play with and portion out in air-tight containers. 

This slime always seems to amaze little brains because it’s behavior changes based on the pressure applied to the mixture. I remember being amazed by Ooblek in elementary school and slime has similar properties. 

I can’t wait to try this with a group of kids at Bean’s Ninja Turtles party. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items used in this project. The links are purely reference because you can totally pick up all this stuff at Walmart for way cheaper! 

But you would not believe how hard it was to find *clear* school glue. It’s available on Amazon for $6 a bottle but it’s listed as $1.77 at our Walmart. I wanted the cheaper price, which led us on an all night tour of all the Walmart and Targets in our area, as well as all the office stores and craft stores. Every store had an empty space where this glue was supposed to be… 

J.D. said he was one of theee people looking for the same glue in one of the Walmarts he visited. What are people doing with all that clear glue??? 


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