Harry Potter Bookshelf Cross Stitch Hoop

Ah! I’m finally finished! It took a while to adapt this pattern from Fuzzy Fox Designs’ shelf patterns and I spent a long time choosing colors for all the books. Can you spot the seven books from the series?

It took me about thirty hours to stitch up this hoop. The 60+ books took forever and I had to adjust thread choices as I was sewing to make color combos more pleasing.

The piece ended up being perfect for an 8″ hoop and used 35 DMC floss colors. It was a super hassle to juggle all the colors that I was using. But near the end of my project, I finally found a good system by recycling Bean’s LEGO advent calendar tray.

After cutting a length of floss and pulling out the one strand I needed to use, I threw the rest in a empty slot and labeled the color with a sticky note. Super quick and easy and I didn’t have to spend any time organizing floss during the project and nothing got tangled.

After I finished stitching it, I put it away for awhile before finishing it in the hoop and photographing it. I worked so long on it that I wanted the picture to be exactly what I imagined in my head, which made me feel super overwhelmed.

Now that it’s done, I have to find the perfect place to hang it.

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Featured Image Source: Cornell University 

10 responses to “Harry Potter Bookshelf Cross Stitch Hoop

  1. This is so cute! I’ve just been trying to figure out what the item beneath and slightly to the right of the owl is and I can’t figure it out


  2. This is so great! I would like to adapt your adaptation for another favorite series of mine. I know that you will not be releasing the pattern, but would you be willing to share the colors that you used for this piece?



    • Hey, Gwen. I honestly don’t know which colors I used since I’ve altered my pattern a lot while stitching. I think the whole thing had 35 different colors and I played around a lot with the color combos. So sorry that’s not much help.


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