Gryffindor Bookshelf Cross Stitch Hoop

Ah! I’m finally finished! It took a while to adapt this pattern from Rachel’s at Fuzzy Fox Designs and spent a long time choosing colors for all the books. Can you spot the seven books from the series?

It took me about thirty hours to stitch up this hoop. The 60+ books took forever and I had to adjust thread choices as I was sewing to make color combos more pleasing.

The piece ended up being perfect for an 8″ hoop and used 35 DMC floss colors. It was a super hassle to juggle all the colors that I was using. But near the end of my project, I finally found a good system by recycling Bean’s LEGO advent calendar tray.

After cutting a length of floss and pulling out the one strand I needed to use, I threw the rest in a empty slot and labeled the color with a sticky note. Super quick and easy and I didn’t have to spend any time organizing floss during the project and nothing got tangled.

After I finished stitching it, I put it away for awhile before finishing it in the hoop and photographing it. I worked so long on it that I wanted the picture to be exactly what I imagined in my head, which made me feel super overwhelmed.

Now that it’s done, I have to find the perfect place to hang it.

Check out Rachel’s original LibraryCraft Room, and Kitchen designs!

Featured Image Source: Cornell University 


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