Giant Paper Flowers

I had an idea to make giant flowers for the background of an event I’m helping to decorate and it turned out amazing! This might be my new favorite DIY decorations! They really make a huge impact. 

For this project, I used:

There are a lot of different flower petal templates available on Etsy but I really didn’t want to spend and money on a pattern when I knew I could probably freestyle a petal design. 

I really lucked out because Jennifer from The Craft Patch blog had a free printable template on her site. But there was no tutorial so I had to do some trials to make the flowers look exactly right, and I also had to mess around with the dimensions of the template to create the size that I wanted. 

After printing and cutting out the template on heavy cardstock, I traced six large, six medium and six small petals and one each of their accompanying circles.

It took a couple nights in front of the television to get this project traced and cut. 

In each petal, I cut a 1″ slit at the base and applied a drop of hot glue at the very bottom and overlapped the base. 

After a lot of trials, I learned that you just want each petal to have a little bit of dimension. 

If you make the petals too 3D, it’s very difficult to assemble nice looking flowers. 

Once all the petals were given a little dimension, I used a bit of hot glue to attach each petal to the circle. 

Another hint is to make sure you don’t attach the petals too close to the center of each circle or overlap the petals too much. 

Once you finish the large outer layer, do the same with the medium and small layer. Once all three layers are done, glue each layer together. 

I made sure to slightly skew each layer. 

Once the layers was assembled, I gave each petal a slight curl by rolling the edges with my hands. 

To finish off each flower, I used the small circle template to make a contrasting center and snipped a bit of fringe around the edge to give it a bit of texture. 

It did take a couple of super late nights to make alll the flowers, but it did go faster because I did everything assembly line style. 


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