Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser

A few weeks ago, the church bulletin had a call for volunteers who have time and talent for event planning and decorating. The Early Childhood Center that’s connected to our church is preparing for their first annual Cinco de Mayo fundraiser and needed help designing and setting up the event.

Every so often, I’ll feel compelled to get involved with different causes but I never get up the nerve to take action. Sometimes I use the kids as an excuse, sometimes I convince myself that my talents aren’t really what’s needed, and sometimes I’m sure that I’ll just be in the way.

But this time, the call for help was so directly speaking to me that I couldn’t deny it. I did try to ignore it and delayed calling the contact person for about two weeks, but I really couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to at least offer my help. When I met up with the ECC director, she told me that she got my email while she was praying the rosary and asking for help to relieve the stress of planning the event.

How’s that for confirmation that you’re in the exact place that God wants you?

I spent a week brainstorming and researhing product prices and then another couple of weeks crafting and doing prep work.

The biggest piece of the event was the stage decorations. I really wanted to channel Frida Khalo and create a stage that looked like her famous floral crowns.

Image Source: Frida Khalo Self-Portrait, 1940

So, I made a bunch of giant paper flowers.

I knew that I couldn’t just throw up a bunch of flowers, so I decide to use crêpe paper streamers to create a fringed wall, reminiscent of the fringe on a piñata.

The fringed wall took a substantial amount of time to put up, but it helped that I cut a bunch of streamers the night before and I just had to tape everything up with double-sided tape. Once the fringe was put up, I added a leafy border at the top and topped it with the giant flowers. Then I wrapped the stage with a papel picado, and the stage was done!

I also had to put together a couple of tables for the silent auction items that the community and parents from each class put together.

Luckily, had a bunch of stuff at our house that came in handy. I found the white table cloths that I got for Bean’s first birthday party and I was super happy that all the extra I bought finally came in handy! I was able to gather up enough cigar boxes to help create height on each table and found enough glass bottles for fresh flowers on each table, to accompany the faux leafy plants and succulents we had around the house.

The Catholic Daughters made some tissue paper flowers and a parishioner donated some serape table runners that worked perfectly for theme and we grabbed a couple extras from a shop in San Antonio.

Once the beautiful baskets and art pieces were added, the tables were perfect.

I am so proud of how this event came together and I feel like I’ve found my church ministry. I’m not used to being able to use my maker skills in a productive manner that benefits others — and I love it.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links to items used for this event. 

Featured Image Source: Piñata Fringe Stripes by XOXOtique via Spoonflower


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