‘Team Daxton’ Cross Stitch Hoop

A few weeks ago Belle caught a little bug from the Chick-fil-A playground. She had a fever for two days and was a little grumpy but was pretty normal after getting baby Tylenol.

This week Bean started having his annual bedtime nosebleeds. We aren’t sure why it happens but we do know that J.D. used to have nosebleeds all the time as a kid.

At the end of March, I heard about a little boy battling an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors found it when he was three months old. Daxton is six months old now and doing full rounds of chemotherapy. He’s so damn new and it’s so fucking unfair.

A maker in his community put a call out for auction items to benefit Daxton’s family. Their community had already rallied around the family and helped relieve some of the burden of his medical costs, but Dana from Selah Signs wanted to put together an auction that would raise money for the family to make precious memories together — without the guilt of dipping into funds that could be used for treatment.

The pieces that were offered were amazing, and they came from all over the country…

This hand lettered sign from Letters for Jo.

Image Source: Letters for Jo

This bright and chunky wood tag by Jill Halimi.

Image Source: Jill Halimi

This hand-painted wood slice that’s done completely free hand by Cari’s Canvas.

Image Source: Cari’s Canvas

And over 100 more items, including my own ‘God is Good’ hoop.

After all the work Dana put into listing the items and bidding closed last week, the maker community was able to raise over $5,000 for this little family.

Image Source: Selah Signs

Dana said when she delivererd the check to Daxton’s mom, her gratitude was undeniable.

My struggle is fighting with Belle to take her baby Tylenol without her turning her outfit into a sticky mess and having to wash load after load of bloody Bean sheets and towels.

Daxton must be my reminder to be greatful for healthy children.

Disclaimer: This post contains Etsy affiliate links for some of the items pictured.

Featured Image Source: Sustainable Homes


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