Mother’s Day at the Beach

This year, we spent Mother’s Day weekend with J.D.’s family at the beach.


On Saturday, Belle got to ride the ferry for the first time. She loved seeing the dolphins and seagulls and pelicans and she spent the whole ride waving at all the creatures.

Once we got to Bolivar Peninsula, we met the family at Crab Fest and watched the boys play in the Washers tournament. It was super hot and Belle did not want to be held. We kept the kids cool and entertained by touring all the RVs they had on display and visiting all the craft stations that they had set up for the children. Bean’s favorite crafts were making his own crab headband and decorating a paper plate crab claw.

Once we were done with Crab Fest, we went to the RV park to eat some lunch and to cool off. Bean fell down while playing outside and started screaming and crying. A little boy, named Julian, came out to see what all the noise was, and ended up plopping down next to Bean. He sat there for a beat and then lightly tapped Bean on the shoulder and screamed, “Tag! You’re it!” and then ran off… And surprisingly, Bean immediately stopped crying and chased after him.


Once everyone was fed and dressed for the beach, we went across the street to the beach.   Since it was the first time Belle had ever been to the beach, J.D. tried to slowly introduce her to the ocean water, but she was not amused.


She would not put her feet down to touch the water and when the waves rolled in, she made sure to shrink up her legs even more. I think she didn’t like the feel of the wet sand.

Processed with MOLDIV

So, she spent the rest of the time on the beach lounging on a beach chair, snacking on Veggie Straws and watching her brother play in the surf.


Bean spent all his time making batch after batch of “Octopus Soup” and he was so happy that Davey “ate a whole pot of soup and he asked me to make him a second bowl!”

Once we were done playing, we went back to the RV park only to realize that J.D. accidentally locked out car keys in the trunk of the car. He called around to some tow companies to see if they’d ride across on the ferry to get our keys out, but we ended up calling my parents to have them bring our spare set of keys.

When I called my mom for help, they were in the middle of taking advantage of a huge Häagen-Dazs ice cream sale at HEB and they ended up having to put all the coffee ice cream back so they could immediately go meet J.D. on the Galveston side of the ferry to hand off our keys.

We finally made it home after midnight and had to wake the babies up for a quick bath before putting them down for bed.

The next morning, I got a sweet unexpected text from my dad.


And I also got my traditional Mother’s Day card from the kids that had their annual “Reasons You’re the Best Mommy” list. It’s seriously my favorite thing that J.D. and the kids do because it’s a nice little reminder of everything that happened in the last year.

After mass, I was talking to my mom about what a good time Bean had at the beach and she said that we should take advantage of how excited he was about the beach and the water and take him again. So, we went back on the ferry again and did another beach day.

Bean and Belle got to ride not the beach in the truck bed…


Bean played with Tex at the RV park…


And then we had a Mother’s Day dinner that started off super rough.

Bean wanted to eat at an outdoor burger place but we were too late and it closed. So, we had to eat at the nicer, indoor restaurant next door. He was so upset that he wasn’t allowed to eat outside that he refused to sit in a chair once we got a table. Then he wouldn’t pick what he wanted to eat and got mad when I ordered him corndog meal. I ended up having to take him out of the restaurant so he could calm down and reset himself. As I was carrying him out, he started to pee all over me. Thank goodness I made it out of the restaurant and onto the grass before he peed. So, we had to go to the car to clean up and change our clothes. Bean had a whole clean outfit in the car to change into but of course, I only had my semi-dry swimsuit and beach shorts to change back in to.


We got back into the restaurant and got through the meal without any other issues and after the meal, I was able to get a somewhat decent picture with the kids. So the dinner wasn’t a complete disaster. Also, the kids fell asleep the minute they got strapped into their carseats so we had a nice, quiet ride back home.



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