Twin Peaks ‘Damn Good Coffee’ Cross Stitch Hoop

Spent the last couple of nights getting scared shitless while catching up on Twin Peaks before the revival started… Did we use the children as a human shields while shutting down the house last night? Yes, yes we did.

When we went downstairs, J.D. got super scared because he forgot he left the blinds open and he caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the windows and thought it was Killer Bob. He was so freaked out and didn’t want to close the blinds, so we talked Bean into walking across the room and closing the blinds for us.

Then before we went to bed, I had to use the bathroom and was too scared to go into ny myself that I made J.D. turn the light on for me. But, he was too scared to open the door all the way. So I had Belle push the door open for me. She was laughing at us the whole time.

I don’t know how the kids expect us to protect them because we are seriously worthless.

This hoop and pattern is now up in the shop! It should’ve been a quick one but it took me a bit longer than anticipated because I was too scared to work on it after everyone went to bed.

Featured Image Source: Honest Abe Log Homes


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