Simple Skincare Self-Care

I’m terrible at self-care.

While I was teaching, my form of self-care was taking a day off and laying in bed all day while binge watching something on TV. I would literally be a giant lump all day. 

And now? Not much has changed. Any small moment of free time is spent laying somewhere, catatonic.

I just suck at taking care of myself.

Wash my face before bed? Nope. I’m definitely not gonna be tired after splashing water in my own face… 

Take out my contacts? What if there’s an emergency in the middle of the night and I have to see?

Go to the gym? Eh… is all the extra weight really bothering me enough to do something about it? 

I’m honestly the worst at taking care of myself because I’m so damned lazy. But then having kids has given me a reason to continue being lazy — I’m so tired taking care of the kids that I “just don’t have the strength” to take care of myself.

But after a couple of months of really feeling really drained, I decided I had to figure out a good routine that I would commit to. I mean super basic stuff — like taking care of my dumb face.

So, I did some research. I literally googled “skincare routine for 30 year old woman,” even though I technically have a couple of months left until I waltz into the next decade of my life.

I found a couple of really expensive articles that were definitely not for me. There is absolutely no way I’m spending beaucoup bucks on a skincare regime that I cannot guarantee to keep up with. Also, I’m such a dunce about this sort of thing that I didn’t really understand what a lot of the stuff was for…

So I did more research and I adapted the suggestions into something way more reasonable for my situation and my main skin issues — patches of adult acne that seems to pop up during my super sleep-deprived periods, which has been, basically the last four years.

This is what I came up with…

Image Source:

After reading this article, I decided that I probably needed a foaming cleanser for daily use, since I currently have more oily skin and after scouring Amazon reviews, I went to Target and picked up a bottle of the purple Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash. I don’t love the “unscented” smell it has, but I like how my skin feels after using it — not oily but not dry.

Image Source:

I also grabbed a single-serve packet of Freeman Facial Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask from a display at Walmart during a grocery run and really loved it. The grainy sugar sloughs off dry skin and leaves my face super smooth and soft! I love it, but it seems like overkill to use it everyday, so I decided to use it twice a week, to brighten things up.

Image Source:

I also picked up a bottle of Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner because I read that toner helps minimize pores and honestly, it’s sounds so damned classy. Hahaha… But it’s honestly really nice and leaves my face super hydrated. I feel like I do waste a lot of the product because I use a box of cotton salon coil that I found in our linen closet. I should probably figure out a better way to apply it. This article suggests a spray bottle, but I’m not sure I can spray myself in the face twice a day. Maybe I’ll just pick up some cotton rounds next time we go to the store.

Image Source:

I went back to my high school roots to tackle the patchy breakouts. I could decide if I wanted a product with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide so I looked it up and decided that I probably needed both. So, I picked up some Clean & Clear Advantge Acne Spot Treatment and some Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10.

Image Source:

The Persa-Gel 10 is actually more of a cream or a lotion and is supposed to kill the bacteria that causes acne. And then the Advantage Acne Spot Treatment is a clear gel that is supposed to help unclog pores and help correct excessive skin shedding that can cause clogged pores. I like how the Advantage feels better but honestly, I need both of them.

Image Source:

And the last thing I picked up was some lightweight Olay Regenerist Serum. It’s a super hydrating lotion that isn’t heavy at all and I love the smell. Like, it a scent that I want to use all the time and when I die, I want people to catch a whiff of this scent and have all sorts of olfactory memories about me. It smells that good.

So that’s my new routine — face wash, toner, acne meds, lotion.


I’ve been doing it for almost a month and my face has totally cleared up. I don’t have any spots or flaky areas on my cheeks anymore. I do think I still have some unevenness in that area, but I don’t feel super discouraged by it because I now know how to find something that will help that issue.

Some Saturdays while J.D. is giving the kids a bath, I throw on a face mask or pore strip after washing my face and before using toner and it gives me an extra little pep.

It’s strange that one little chance in your routine can really mix things up. I don’t feel as super critical about my appearance, which is awesome. I save a lot of time in the morning because I’m not wasting time detesting my own face.

A small act of self-care that is definitely making my days better and is probably going to lead to me learning how to be a well-balanced adult.

Disclaimer: This post contains links to items I’ve been using this last month. I love all of it, but I think after I use all my Olay Regenerist Serum, I’m going to to try something in theanti-aging realm. I mean, I am going to be 30 soon. And I may add in an eye cream…

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