Target Dollar Spot Quiet Books

Over the weekend I took a little break in the Target Dollar Spot and spotted these adorable mini quiet books in three themes — Travel, Out to Sea, and Sweets & Treats.

If you were anywhere near me in 2014 when Bean was just starting to get grabby and curious, you heard about my ambitious plans to make him a huge quiet book that he would silently and neatly play with and would definitely not destroy. Silly first time parent. Haha.

Since the Target ones were only $3 each, I grabbed one of each.

When I got home and opened them up, I was pleasantly surprised. Each book has four activity pages that are pretty cool and visually interesting.

The only problem was that each page has a set of detached pieces that are supposed to be tucked into the little pocket in the front cover.

I have two issues with that: [1] the pocket is vertical and easily spills it’s contents and, [2] all the pieces are mixed up and in situations when I need Bean and Belle to be quiet, I probably don’t want to be sorting out a million pieces for the appropriate page.

So, I decided to whip up some quick little felt pouches that are color-matched to the page that it belongs to. The pouches still fit in the little pocket in the front of each book, which helps keep everything together.

These little books are going to straight into Bean’s Sunday Mass bag.

Featured Image Source: Sara Lintner

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