Copycat Levain Chocolate Walnut Cookies

A few weeks ago, J.D. not so subtly mentioned that he hasn’t had one of my chocolate chip cookies since way before we moved to the new house. Since we didn’t have eggs in the house, I was sort of let off the hook until we got more.

When I finally made a batch, I realized why I stopped making them — they’re so easy to screw up.

I have an issue with never remembering which baking sheet is “the good one” that doesn’t transfer heat super unevenly and burns all the cookie edges but leaves the middle of the cookie raw. I also remembered that I hated the last couple of batches because I felt like they tasted too baking soda-y, even though I use the same recipe every time.

Anyway, I saw one girl I follow on Instagram post that she was working on a batch of copycat Levain Bakery cookies, and they looked so good that I decided to give it a try.

Image Source: Levain Bakery Cookies via That Food Cray

I also love that Si Foster from A Bountiful Kitchen was super detailed in her recipe and was very transparent with how she reverse-engineered the copycat recipe.

I halved her recipe and followed her instructions super carefully to make sure I didn’t screw it ip and they came out amazing!

Image Source: A Bountiful Kitchen

The only thing I changed was the size of the cookies. These cookies are supposed to be giant 6 oz. cookies but that’s just super unreasonable for our house. So, I used my size 40 food scoop to portion out the cookies. Oh, and I baked them at 400°F for exactly 8 minutes in my regular, non-convection oven, and they were perfectly done.

J.D. said it was the best cookie he’s ever had. Good taste and texture. Crispy on the bottom and top but ooey gooey in the middle. He didn’t even notice that there was no vanilla in the recipe.

With half the recipe and my size 40 scoop, I was able to get 22 cookies in a batch and each cookie was about 150 calories. The perfect size for an after dinner sweet treat.

I think next time, I’ll try another batch using dark brown sugar, one with vanilla extract, and a third batch with both. I’m just curious what the difference would be.

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link for the food portion scoop I use. 


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