Bean Says: Wonder Woman

We took Bean to see Wonder Woman today, while Belle stayed home with Ah-Ma, Jen Jen and Uncle Aaron. It was the first time I’ve gone to the movies with Bean and his second time going to a movie theater, ever.

While watching the first few scenes, after seeing Wonder Woman jump into the ocean…

“I didn’t know she could swim!!”

While Wonder Woman is scaling the side of a building…

“I never seen her rock climb before!!”

After Wonder Woman emerges from the trenches in her first full fight scene…

“Mommy, I think you crying…”

During the last 15 minutes of the movie…

“Who is Diana?! I thought that was Wonder Woman!”

He’s not great at following full plots yet.

He saw Batman v Superman in theaters with J.D. last year and he barely mentioned Wonder Woman at all and when I asked about her, he talked about how “pretty” she was and her headband. I know it probably has to do with the super brief appearance she made in that film.

Image Source: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

But now he talks about how Wonder Woman fights and swims and climbs and jumps off things. He’s building her sheild and gauntlets out of LEGO bricks and I really think his whole world view of superheroes has changed.

Bean typically assigns people in our family to specific characters he likes. He usually says that he’s the Flash and J.D. is Superman. But Belle and I are hard to assign character to because there aren’t that many female superheroes. Sometimes he tells us that we are Supergirl or Batgirl and sometimes we are Iris West or Felicity Smoak or Nora Allen, girlfriends or moms of the superheroes.

Image Source: Felicity Smoak, Nora Allen, Iris West

Eh, they’re just not quite the same.

Now that he realizes how awesome Wonder Woman is, he’s in the process of reassigning characters and he’s having a hard time finding another female superhero that is at the same level of Wonder Woman. He can literally only think of female sidekicks. I tried to talk him into letting me be a male superhero, but his brain won’t allow him to compute that yet… So as of now, Belle is Wonder Woman and I’m still “Flash’s Mommy.”

Featured Image Source: Digital Spy



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