Bean Says: Life’s Dilemmas 

Bean thinking deep thoughts and making reasoned proclamations after breakfast…

“Mommy, maybe Belle can be Ant-Man because she is so super tiny and then you can you be Wonder Woman. I can still be Flash and Daddy can be Hulk because he’s so strong! That’s what we do, Mommy. Belle is Ant-Man.”

So apparently this problem has been plaguing him all week and he’s finally solved it…

Image Source: The Hulk / Wonder Woman / The Flash / Ant-Man

It’s nice to see that his brain does allow for girls to be typically boy characters as long as they have some clear common characteristic. You can’t just be whatever superhero you want, willynilly.

Can’t you just imagine Galileo thinking about important issues such as these?

Featured Image Source: NASA’s Jet Propulsion  Laboratory 



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