Kawaii Goodies on Etsy

I’ve been following Soury from Kawaii Goodies on Instagram for a while and she’s one of the few people I like watching on InstaStories because she’s always posting about food or kitties or puppies — you know, important stuff.

A couple of months ago she posted about needing help pinning items from her shop to Pinterest, and of course I offered to help because I honestly miss working on projects. I have my own projects, but it’s so nice having a project that you don’t have to plan and you just have to execute, and once it’s done, it’s done.

On Monday, Soury asked if I had time to start pinning and after spending all day going through all her Etsy listings and writing descriptions for her items, I’m only a little surprised that I love the stuff in her shop so much. Anyone who knows me knows that I love stickers, I love stamps and I love washi tape. It’s also a little funny that I’ve searched Amazon and different Etsy shops for almost every item in her shop in the last couple of months. I’m sort of kicking myself for not looking there first because it would’ve totally saved me a ton of time.

Image Source: Kawaii Goodies Pinterest Board

I’ve obviously made a list of my favorite things…

Look at these rolls of sketchy hand lettered washi and masking tape!

Image Source: Kawaii Goodies via Etsy

The skinny floral washi tape is a perfect addition to scrapbook pages in the kids’ baby book and I love the cute little ice cream cones and cupcakes in her ‘Favorite Things’ tape. The hand drawn bakers twine bow is a dainty embellishment for shop packages and the ‘Thank You For Supporting My Dream’ tape basically says it all.

And these sticker sheets are so perfectly designed!

Image Source: Kawaii Goodies via Etsy

J.D. and I had floral mason jar centerpieces at our wedding in 2011 and I still have a soft spot for anything with mason jars. I love the cute little flowers and hand lettering on the ‘You Are Awesome’ stickers and the shape of the ‘Happy Mail’ arrow stickers, especially when they’re printed on clear paper so it melts into the packaging. And the layout of the ‘Small Business’ stickers is impeccable. I love the mix of the different font lettering.

And these mini stamps are so dang cute!

Image Source: Kawaii Goodies via Etsy

There’s nothing I love more than plants I can’t kill! Look that the chubby little cactus in the round terrarium! He’s so sweet!

Also, her shop carries all the stuff I typically use for my my finished hoops — kraft and glassine bags for my DIY branded shop bags, cute tissue paper and bakers twine in every color!

Image Source: Kawaii Goodies via Etsy

Next time I need to restock on packaging material, I really need to remind myself to check her shop first.

Oh, and here’s the dangerous part of her shop…

Image Source: Kawaii Goodies via Etsy

The special brush pens that I “need” but won’t ever use for my practice hand lettering worksheets, the unicorn embroidery scissors that I would definitely use but would also probably misplace, and the sets of rainbow pens that would sit in my ever expanding collection of rainbow pen sets…

Ahhh!!! Must restrain myself!

Featured Image Source: Kawaii Goodies



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