Bean Gets A Library Card

Bean got his first library card!

When I was little, my mom made sure to sign us up for the summer reading program that the Houston Public Library put together every year. I wasn’t an avid reader when I was younger, but I do have really good memories of visiting the library every week and picking out new books and then somehow losing them every week and spending the night before book return day searching the entire house for the runaway books.

Last summer, my mom kept reminding me to get the kids signed up for the reading program but I didn’t get around to it because I suck…

This year, my mom was super proactive about it and went to our local library and looked up all the information and even got the summer calendar of children’s activities. 

The first week, it was a conservationist from Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center who brought in rescued turtles, snakes, owls and an opossum. The next week it was a magician. And then there was the Nutty Scientist who did dry ice experiments. This week, Bean got to visit with some snakes that are native to Texas.

The last week of June, my mom suggested that Bean might like to get his own library card and check out some books. Since we had time and Belle was in a good mood, we decided that it was a good ideas since there wouldn’t be an activity the next week since the library would be closed for the Fourth of July.

Bean was super excited and asked the librarian if he could sign up for a card. He was super sweet and said, “I really love your library, I’m four years old, am I big enough for a library card?” She was so smitten with him and told him of course he was old enough for his own card.

While I was doing the paperwork, Bean went with my mom to pick out some books.

When he was ready to check them out, he showed the librarians all the books he chose and told her why he thought he would like each one. Thankfully, the librarian seemed to really like kids and he only picked five books so the conversation wasn’t too uncomfortably long. She seemed to really enjoy talking with him and commented that he was “very intelligent for his age.”

Bean was extra excited to go to the library this week because he finally collected enough activity badges and read enough books to collect his first set of prizes.

Image Source: HPL Summer Reading Program Prize List

He got a new book for signing up for the program, he got a little raccoon finger puppet for logging 10 books and he got a family pass to the Children’s Museum for attending 5 activities. Since Belle is signed up for the reading program with him, the librarian let him pick out her prizes as well.

He has always loved listening to stories and looking at books but he is so excited about going to the library now and participating in new experiences and he’s gotten a little less timid and is more willing to do things without being attached to me.

His next goal is to read 30 books. He’s has about 5 more to go so we will definitely be able to reach that before we go back to the library next week. I really have to get on the ball and do the adult summer reading activities so I can do my part and help Bean earn the big Family Completion prize!


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