Color By Numbers Worksheet Round Up

Bean has been really into painting these last few weeks. To add another layer of learning to his new favorite activity, I went searching for some free Color by Number pages.

We’re gonna finish off the last few days of summer vacation with some cute summer themed coloring pages

Image Source:

And this set of ocean animals is perfect for his fascination with aquatic animals…

For littles who have advanced beyond number recognition, this set of pirate add and color sheets is perfect!

Image Source:

There are a ton available for all sorts of holidays…  Like these colorful eggs and baskets for Easter season!

Image Source:

Or these trees and plants for Earth Day

Image Source:

And ItsyBitsyFun seems to have color by number worksheets for almost every holiday! There are fireworks and an Uncle Sam’s hat for the 4th of July

Image Source:

Jack-o-Lanterns and spooky trees for Halloween

Image Source:

Ornaments and candy canes for Christmas

Image Source:

And I’m sure there are a ton more sets that I haven’t discovered yet!

These are a great for at home practice and probably awesome for elementary teachers who have those whiz kids who finish everything super fast! Heck, if I found some more complex pages, my high school kids would’ve loved them!

Featured Image Source: Nicole Florian 


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