Target Beauty Box — August 2017

It’s been more than a year since I grabbed a Target Beauty Box. I don’t know how these boxes completely slipped my mind… But, Target sent me a random email that reminded me to check out the August box and luckily, the items this month were things I already use and things that I definitely wanted to try.

This month’s box includes:

I’ve used the shampoo, facial wipes, spray deodorant and pore strips before and they’re all items I wouldn’t mind using again.

The shampoo wasn’t anything special but the facial wipes are perfect for the late nights after the kids are asleep and I’m too lazy to get up and wash my face. I can’t tell you how well they remove makeup, but they definitely clean off a day’s worth of oil and grease.

I’ve been using the Dove Clear Dry Spray Deodorant sporadically for about a year and I love it. It definitely doesn’t leave a mark on my clothes and it isn’t sticky or anything — just smooth and dry. I’ve been using the lemon verbena scent and it’s a nice and light floral scent but I definitely prefer the scent of this new bottle. It just smells clean. My only complaint, and it’s probably just me being a goober, but whenever I use the spray, I have a hard time not spraying myself in the face… I mean, you’re supposed to hold it 6″ from your armpit and my aim is just not that great.

The face scrub was… eh. I didn’t really like the little bits of Argan nut shell that they put into the cleanser that was supposed to be the exfoliant. It sort of felt like rubbing tiny jagged pebbles on your face. Once I rinsed and dried my face, my face felt clean but my forehead felt a little dry and flaky. I wouldn’t use this face scrub regularly but it’s good enough to keep for the travel bag. But I have to remember to pack a face moisturizer…

I already knew I’d love the Biore pore but the face mask was so super nice! I just started using clay mask recently but have never tried any sheet masks. I did some research because I’m a beauty product dunce and apparently clay masks are made for cleansing and exfoliating, while sheet masks are for hydration and skin nourishment. I guess I should’ve known that….

Anyway, it wasn’t super comfortable to have something moist sitting on your face for 20 minutes, but it was super hydrating and when I took it off, my face felt amazing and looked brighter. The next morning my face still looked and felt amazing! Sheet mask sessions are now going to be a regular occurrence in my life.

This month’s box was totally worth the $5 price tag! The I have to remember to check out next month’s box…

Wanna see what was in past boxes? February 2016 | March 2016 | April 2016


Featured Image Source: Target Corporation

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