Moana ‘Kakamora’ Invitations

Since Belle is obsessed with Moana, her second birthday obviously had to be Moana themed…

I did a quick search on Etsy for cute invites and only found one I liked, but when I showed J.D., he didn’t love them… In a twist, he offered the idea of a Kakamora invitation.

Image Source: Disney’s 2016 Moana

These were way easier to put together than Belle’s invitations from last year…

For this project, I used…

To make a folded invitation, I creased some dark brown card stock and used an old CD as the template, making sure to let a bit of the CD hang off the creased edge.

For all the other facial components, I did a rough sketch and cut them all out and ran them through my sticker maker.

** PRO TIP: For the red components, it’s way faster if you measure the width of the piece and cut a long strip of paper, and then trim them to the correct length and shape.

Then I just had to do the assembly… After the first dark brown husk layer was the ivory face.

Add a white growly mouth.

Two big, black eyes, wide set.

Add thick, red, angry eyebrows.

Finish each with some war paint stripes in two sizes.

For the inside, I printed out the information on some white paper, to look like the coconut meat.

I used a free Moana font look alike called Flat Earth Scribe, instead of paying for the actual font.

I love how these little guys turned out and they fit perfectly in square envelopes that I grabbed at the craft store.

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links for the items I used to put these invitations together.

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