Organizing Embroidery Thread By Color Families

After my huge thread haul a few weeks ago, I’ve been meaning to go though all the threads I picked up and make sure I had one of each color in my box.

I did a quick inventory of all the threads in my stash…

Image Source: Screenshot of ‘My Threads’ App

And then I had to reorganize the colors in my thread box because I’m super anal about how things are organized. But as I was organizing the colors using ROY G. BIV, I ran into the problem of where the browns, grays, whites and black go… I also had issues with the different tints and hues that sort of belong in two different places.

I did research, y’all… Like real research. What the heck is wrong with me?!

I looked into using the DMC color card to try and sort things out but it didn’t have all the colors listed.

Image Source: DMC Color Chart

After a lot of searching, I found a list that was seemed to be a pretty comprehensive list of DMC threads organized into their color families.

I decided to go with that list… It took a bit of time to make sure everything was accounted for and on the correct place but it’s so nice to have a workable system in place!

Featured Image Source: Walter Graff


2 responses to “Organizing Embroidery Thread By Color Families

  1. Thank you for this post and link to the dmc list by color families! My floss collection has bothered me for years! I couldn’t get it figured out on my own, and I didn’t really like the dmc color card layout either.
    Thank you!


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