Complete DMC Embroidery Floss Organization

I finally got it finished!!! I am now the proud owner of a complete set of DMC embroidery floss *and* I have it all bobbinated and organized by color family!

I’ve had all the colors for a while because of my huge haul at the Walmart sale and from my Black Friday shopping trip, but I haven’t really had the patience to get it all organized.

I decided for my 30th birthday, I would treat myself to an organized sewing system, so I plopped myself down and first worked on winding all the colors on to new plastic bobbins.

HINT: To make sure that I didn’t mislabel each skein, I rolled the numbered DMC information tab and tucked it into the little hole at the top of each bobbin.

After getting all the colors wrapped up, I used double sided tape and the original numbered tab that comes on the skein to create a label. It takes a bit of time trimming each label, but they adhere and last so much longer than the pre-printed labels they sell in the stores.

HINT: If you want to avoid tangles when bobbinating, make sure you start pulling your thread from the long numbered tab side of the skein and NOT THE SHORT DMC BRANDING TAB!

Then I organized the threads into four plastic organizers. Each compartment in the box comfortably fits 7 full bobbins of thread, so that means the whole box can fit 126 full bobbins.

Since I’m working on designing my own patterns, organizing the colors based on color family works better than going by the official numbers, but I also marked up my color family list with compartment numbers so I could easily find a color if I was working off someone else’s pattern.

NOTE: I did catch two typos in the color family chart that I used. Both issues are on page one. The first is in column one — number 816 is garnet, NOT gamete. The second typo is in column three — they list ‘806’ as ‘Ultra Very Dark Baby Blue’ but it should be ‘803’.

I did have a ton of repeat colors, so I bagged each set into a small snack-sized zip baggie and added a label that had the floss color and amount of extra skeins. Then I grouped the small baggies into gallon-sized baggies by the 100s and then tucked them into a fabric cubby cube that fits into a little cube organizer I use to store my unused wooden hoops, rolls of aida fabric and finished hoops that are waiting a home.

Image Source: My Threads App Screenshot

After inventorying and packing away all the extras, I updated my inventory app with the colors I have in my working set and the colors I have in my extra stash.

And voila! Ready to stitch into my 30s!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links to items I used to organize my DMC stash.



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