About Me

Hello, Reader(s)!

Let’s be honest, my greeting should probably read, “Hi, Mom!” but… Oh, well. 

I’m Monica, the Mom Blogger behind The Bean & The Belle.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since 2013, when Bean was born. Before that, I was a high school math and science teacher. I miss teaching but I love being at home with the babies.

My two biggest struggles with being a stay-at-home mom is:

  1. Never being off the clock.
  2. Not being able to quantify my daily successes.

I’m so involved in every moment of Bean and Belle’s life that it’s so hard for me to see how they grow and progress each day. So, very often, I go to bed at night and wonder what I accomplished during the day. I can list my daily chores of feeding and keeping the babies alive but  it doesn’t feel like much and many days, I feel like a bit of a failure because of my daily flubs.

When Bean was born and I started this “new job,” I honestly thought I would be able to stay home and take care of Bean, work on my hobbies, and generally excel at my own awesomeness but I basically only mastered the first part… Then we added Belle and I really mastered diaper changes, feedings, bath time and play time. But not much more…

Deep down, I really expected myself to do a lot more for the babies, J.D. and myself while ensuring that their care wasn’t compromised. That’s impossible. So everyday, I’d get up and mentally list all the things I’m not doing so well at…

  • Scrapbooking the babies’ keepsake moments,
  • Various sewing and craft projects,
  • Cooking dinner for the family,
  • Housework and home decorating,
  • Making sure family bills and adult stuff are well organized and taken care of,
  • All forms of self care – including regular showers, and
  • General awesomeness.

And I’d feel awful… But if I reframe it and give myself a break, it’s not that I’m not doing well at those things, it’s that I’m doing super awesome at playing pretend with Bean and practicing napping with Belle. I have to give myself credit for the tiny success we everyday and in order for me to quantify these successes, I decided to start blogging again.

Essentially, this is where I’m going to show off the small products of my craftiness, prove to myself that I am still capable of self-maintenance, jot down memories that I hope will one day make it into Bean and Belle’s baby books, and basically work on exercising my adult brain.